Night Time is the Right Time

Uniphyl®: a respiratory product


15,000 Physicians (GP, FP, Pulminologists): Three waves mailed every three weeks; 45,000 pieces.

The Program

Each mailing featured a different "Night Time" scene with the program theme and graphic (a bell curve representing Uniphyl's efficacy). A packet of unique seasoning for an "evening meal" was included, along with a recipe. The "Night Time is the Right Time" theme bridged to the product's recommendations — best dosed in the evening at meal time.


The mailer was sealed in a clear poly bag, showcasing the exciting “Night Time” scene. A custom made seasoning product created dimension in each mailing with recipes. Product samples, additional seasoning and educational materials were offered on a BRC.


The program generated 17% unduplicated response for all three fulfillment items.