Doing the Right Thing

Rynatan® and Rynatan®-S: An antihistamine / decongestant


8,500 Physicians (GPs, FPs, PEDs): Six waves mailed every 3 weeks; 51,000 pieces.

The Program

Six American Inventors were featured on gold coins: Benjamin Franklin, Eli Whitney, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, The Wright Brothers and Henry Ford. Each mailing piece included a brief history and highlights of how the inventor did the "Right Thing". Also included was a desktop display easel (sent in the first wave) to showcase all six Inventors coins. The "Doing the Right Thing" theme bridged to the physician "Doing the Write Thing" when prescribing the product.


Set of six gold custom made Inventors coins, a custom envelope portraying the inventions and original inventors' illustrations created a lot of attention with the physicians.


Sales representatives received positive feedback and several requests from physicians and their Office Personnel for additional coin sets.